Hi, I’m Kenna

and I am so happy you are here

I started my own version of do-it-yourself over a decade ago when I inherited my great grandma's bedroom set. I wanted to make it my own and decided right then and there that if I wanted it different, it was up to me. I headed to the hardware store, bought a can of black spray paint and got to work. I learned quickly that transforming a piece of furniture was far more than just a coat of paint. For me it was the realization that I could create anything I wanted.

And that my new friend is what changed everything. From a start with furniture to now renovating an entire home for my family as my full time job is actually a dream come true.

I am a mom to three little wildlings who keep me entertained and pretty much always out of breath. My husband and I met through my sister – when they were on a date in high school. You read that right, I married my sister's high school Homecoming date.

Life has thrown us some unexpected curve balls. From being told we would never have kids, to miraculously having two biological children and then the most recent addition to our family, our foster daughter that is now OFFICIALLY a member of our family with her adoption finalized in May.

I am a firm believer that there is too much of life to live to wait around for it to happen. I am a goer and a doer and I love being able to show that here online. The best part about what I do is you. Connecting with others, teaching and growing together is an actual dream for me.

You’re here, which means you’ve at least got some desire to do more, and I couldn't be more excited to teach you and to learn alongside you. Let's do this thing.

Xo, Kenna

I’m 4’11, and always in need of a ladder

Fun Facts:

I have heterochromia, a brown eye and a green eye

I have a secret travel bug that is dying to explore more of the world

I have endometriosis and am always on the lookout for resources to live and work like normal… and love sharing those with other sufferers

If I wasn't a DIY addict, I would like to fulfill a mayyyybe impossible dream of being a comedian

The Products

After over a decade of learning and creating my own business both online and as a furniture flipper, I want nothing more than to give others the access to the information that I wish I would have had from the very beginning. Whether its how to start making money online, how to flip furniture for fun OR for a side hustle or painting your own kitchen cabinets… I’ve got an ebook for that. Everything you need to know, all in one place.

check out the ebook